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It's the Holiday Season!

Office Party

Show off your festive side to your co-workers by wearing a bold red dress complimented by a black coat with fur accents.
For that festive look!

The Hostess

During the holidays, why not impress your guests through fine cuisine and fashionista flair.
Add a dash of style and comfort!

The Holidays

This year, make sure you stand out at that big family celebration! A blend of lace and fur for a luxurious appearance.
Complete your outfit with a festive red lip!


Celebrating the holidays in nature? Just remember that "casual" does not mean "unnoticed". Select sophisticated pieces decorated with lace, fur and a golden touch for that elegant appearance!
Show your guests that comfort goes hand in hand with good taste!

The New Year

It’s your time to celebrate! Get a grand start to the New Year! Wear an unforgettable outfit celebrating the past year and looking forward to the coming one! Blend black with gold for that chic look.
3, 2, 1… Happy New Year!