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Outfit 1

Soft florals! This side cinched high neck floral midi is a perfect example of a Ribkoff classic. With all the key flattering elements of a dress combined into one look, you cannot go wrong with this one.

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Outfit 2

Bright and beautiful! This outfit is great for summer, with a bold feel and subtle floral pant leg it’s great for making that fashionista entrance!

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Outfit 3

Santorini blue! We’re in love with this look, mix and matching is one way to keep your looks fresh so opting for a skirt and top is a great way to add key pieces to your wardrobe.

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Outfit 4

The fabulous florals of Ribkoff. Our final look of this episode is the classic Ribkoff cut. It’s the most universally flattering and a fan favorite of course!

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