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Ageless and Evergreen

Why the years beyond 40 are the best years of your life.
I love my age. Old enough to know better
Young enough not to care Experienced enough to do it right.
-Angela Basset
The years beyond 40 are the best years of your life.
We know. And we know you’ve known that too.
Perhaps you’ve figured it out. Perhaps you haven’t and are making it all up as you go along. Whatever it is, just look at how wonderful you turned out. You’ve grown to like this stage so much, you wonder what the next years are like.
Scientific studies have concluded that youth isn’t all that. In fact, cases have discovered that people peak as they approach middle and old age. If you’ve gotten past 40, chances are:

You’ve figured out your life’s purpose

Finances aren’t the only yardstick for success. Money allows you comfort and security. But doing what you love, gives you purpose. You do what you do because it gives your life meaning. Perhaps it’s a hobby you’ve been wanting to try. Or a skill you’ve always wanted to learn. You know what you want and you don’t need anyone’s approval.

You’ve learned to silence the antagonists in your circle (and in your mind)
You’ve accepted that you won’t like everyone you meet. They may not like you either. And that’s ok. You’ve also learned to ignore what other people think of you.

You’ve accepted your body and
what it can do for you

Remember how you used to curse mom for the thighs she gave you? Well, you’ve learned to stop obsessing over it. When you did, you realized that the world didn’t give a hoot. Fun isn’t monopolized by the young and beautiful. When you learned to accept your body, you found your personal style. One that gave you confidence, assurance, and poise. You could rock those jeans as well as you could carry that lime green frock. You’ve also been taking care of yourself the way you should.

You’ve made peace with your family
Sure, you’d never choose them as friends in the next life, but they’re the only ones you’ve got. You want to make the most of your relationship while you can. If you still have your parents around, you consider yourself blessed -- even if they get to be difficult and unreasonable at times.

You use your fine China

You’ve decided to use that delicate set of China for everyday meals. You know that the special occasion is now. Always now. Because there will never be one like it. Food tastes so much better on it too.

You aren’t afraid to leave the lights on

Ladies, it’s a take-me-as-I-am kind of attitude. Seduction has never been sexier because you know that the biggest pleasure spot is the mind.

You’ve weathered the worst of storms

Whether it was a job loss, death of a loved one, divorce, bankruptcy, or disease… you realize that not all problems have solutions. Only managed. And how you’ve managed your life’s battles. (Had any of these happened earlier, you’d be a wreck.) You march on with your head held high. Every wrinkle and scar, a mark earned in wisdom and experience.

Thanks to those younger years, you tapped into a deeper part of you, you never thought you had.
And you’d never ever give up your now for anything.
By Bernice Bernardino-Tagle on 2018-09-20

40-something Bernice Bernardino-Tagle was born and raised in the toasty city of Manila, Philippines. She has a degree in law, a masters in business and a certificate in creative writing.
She is a creative writer, voice-over artist, and a sales and marketing manager. But her most compelling profession to date is “mumeeeeeee” to toddlers Sebastian and Ada (two very demanding bosses whose idea of top-tier compensation are warm hugs and wet kisses).
An aspiring gourmet (but currently a better gourmand), Bernice is a word-weaving truth seeker who lives for nice, long talks over a large mug of hot cocoa (with a dash of cinnamon and sea salt) or freshly brewed coffee.