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Autumn is Here... I’m FALL-ing for the Dress!!

Autumn is Here... I'm FALL-ing for the Dress!

Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva

Hi there! I'm thrilled to be here on 1ere Avenue to share my favourite Joseph Ribkoff finds and talk about what I love most: Fashion Styling. As a Personal Stylist and Fashion Teacher, I encourage women to live stylishly, one fashionable look at a time.

Every dress tells a story. The right one can speak a thousand words.
There's a dress for every mood, occasion, or season. And although it can be the simplest and easiest go-to garment to style up, as soon as you put it on, it can take on a life of its own. Magic happens when you pick the one that's right for you. Whether it's through the fit, the style or the color, there's a special dress out there that will make you feel or project whatever you want that to be.

I love it that for the Fall, Joseph Ribkoff makes choosing the perfect dress a dream come true. Check it out...
Naturally Gorgeous

Hey - I'm here and ready to go!

Oh I have all kinds of ideas for this LBD! I mean, how simple, and yet dressy is this Joseph Ribkoff beauty? What does it for me is that it has just the right touch of gold shimmer that gives it an immediate dressier feel. It's also form fitting in all the right ways! I'd style it with strappy sandals (yes- even for the Fall) or a high stiletto. And if we're looking to make it a bit more casual (love the cap sleeves!)- why not layer it over a turtleneck or throw on a wild scarf; black tights, add the booties - you're done! Wanna wear the dress as is? No problem! Grab a fun blazer, jean jacket or an over-the shoulder sequin blouse, and you're good to go; anywhere, anytime.

Wear it to: Cocktail hour, resto, office event, first date reservations, anywhere that stylishly cool is in!
Result: Put-together, no-fuss chic, cool and sassy, day-to evening, naturally gorgeous, classic!

Exquisite Style

Everybody's asking: Who is SHE??

So you want to shine and make your mark in exquisite style and taste... I'm telling you, This is the LBD that's gonna make all heads turn your way. Here's to classic elegance in pure Joseph Ribkoff style. Can anything be sexier in the subtlest of ways while remaining ever-so classy? It's that upper sheer draping that's giving off all the right vibes - Yup, this is the one! Keep accessories minimal and your pumps sky high- Let the dress speak for itself 😉. I guarantee this one is gonna be memorable.

Wear it to: Grand openings, week-night events, formal gatherings, weddings, receptions, anniversary night; tete-a tete (who knows... could be proposal night!!)
Result: Breathtaking gasps (yes, you'll hear them!). You'll look poised and sexy while emanating elegance, class and femininity. Definite head-turner (possible whip-lash)

Dress to Impress

I'm on her team...

Heads-up... Girl Boss just entered the room. It's not always the power suit that makes the strongest first appearance. This LBD has her own agenda- and people are paying attention. This is the Joseph Ribkoff dress, to literally impress. The double-breasted feel gives it that ‘in-control' kind of statement; while the sheer sleeves say you're definitely chic, cool and approachable. We wanna do business with you - or be on your team - you pick! In my professional opinion, if you want a dress that says you're: determined, up for the challenge and more than capable - but in no way are you stiff or boring; then say Yes to this dress!

Wear it to: Power meetings, signings, interviews, guest speaking (where you're the guest speaker!), meeting prospective clients, business lunches, graduations, business receptions... You get the picture! Anywhere you want to make your professional presence be felt- and taken seriously (while also letting off that you're so cool to be around!).
Result: Gorgeous power-house, attention grabber, strong, yet approachable vibe, people fighting to get you on their team, land the deal, sign the contract, get the job. The sky is the limit! (Remember me when you get all that 😉)

Fashionable Cutie

Take a Pose, Cutie!

Houndstooth with a spunk of pizzazz! Who doesn't need this fun dress in their life?! Those black sequin pockets are sooo good- just the right touch of bling to bring more happiness to this stylish, fashionable cutie! I'd say wear it with the obvious sheer or opaque black tights and MaryJane's... but why not speak to the mood of this spunky dress and style it up with some colorful collants which are all the rave of the runways?! This Joseph Ribkoff gem is not for the faint at heart because although you can keep it classy and neat (MaryJane's and all... )- this one can play to its own beat. Can you picture it with runners and a denim jacket? Or maybe some over-the knee black suede boots and a cape to wrap up the look. Oh, and don't forget the sunnies... all set for a cool fashion shoot!

Wear it to: Drinks with the girls, brunch at the Old Port, walks downtown or in Old Montreal, gallery hopping, beauty and fashion events, launches, parties and get-togethers (as per government regulations)
Result: Fashionista and/or classy (depending on the tights and footwear!), original, fun, sassy, spunky, adorable, on-the go. I wanna be in her clique!

For more style talk, you can also find Lucy blogging away at Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva: Or, if it's daily looks and DIY ideas you're looking for, please follow on Instagram @lucybertoldi for some fun stories and creative inspo.