Where to Buy Joseph Ribkoff Clothing


1ère Avenue Is the Best Place to Get the Latest Styles by Joseph Ribkoff! 1ère Avenue Is the Best Place to Get the Latest Styles by Joseph Ribkoff!

1ère Avenue Is the Best Place to Get the Latest Styles by Joseph Ribkoff!

Discover Trendsetting Styles

1ère Avenue Boutique has been offering exceptional customer service for over thirty years, growing into the largest retailer of Joseph Ribkoff clothing. We share our love for elegant and timeless style with our expanding clientele, providing assistance and executive associate care both online and in person.

As a proud supporter of the Canadian fashion icon Joseph Ribkoff, 1ère Avenue Boutique offers two floors of garments and accessories at our brick-and-mortar store in Montreal, Quebec. We help women find the ultimate pièce de résistance for that special occasion and effortlessly elegant looks for everyday wear.

We provide an exceptional shopping experience with the added advantage of our rewards program, gift cards, and newsletter.


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Rewards Program

Create your free account, log in, and start accumulating rewards points that you can redeem for free clothes! Each item sold by the 1ère Avenue Boutique has a designated number of points both at regular price and when it’s on sale.

It’s free to join our membership program, and when you sign up for our newsletter, you will never miss out on our special Rewards Days, so you can accumulate even more rewards points. Best of all, your rewards points never expire, so you can save them up for a free shopping spree or use them for your regular wardrobe updates.

Gift Cards

Shop for dresses, pants, accessories, and more with one of our gift cards. They range from $50 to $100 to $250. When you don’t know what to get your friends, mother, or loved ones for a special occasion, give them a 1ère Avenue Boutique gift card!

Is Joseph Ribkoff a Good Brand?

Joseph Ribkoff has such a good brand reputation because it provides what women around the world want in their clothing:

Quality: The Joseph Ribkoff brand offers only the best: accurate stitching, luxurious fabrics, and dedicated people with an in-depth knowledge of the female form.

Fit: With attention to details and expert craftsmanship, Joseph Ribkoff designs are made to fit today’s women while showing off their best features.

High-Quality Fabrics: Since the beginning, Joseph Ribkoff was committed to providing his clientele with high-quality fabrics that you can identify with one touch.

Find formal and casual wear that make you feel empowered and happy in your skin. Wear Joseph Ribkoff blouses, skirts, jumpsuits, and more garments for your date, running errands, or at a conference. You can be comfortable and have your beauty shine.