the dress
is the new power suit

To show them you mean business, ditch the stiff pantsuits and grab a gorgeous dress instead. Sleek, professional and flattering, dresses are perfect work attire for so many reasons. They’re more expressive than a suit while retaining the kind of seriousness you need for work. They’re more comfortable than other business options, moving easily with your body as you go from a meeting to your desk to lunch. And in a range of rich fall colours, they let you show your glorious style as the leaves begin to turn.

Bold And Creative

You’re going to stand out for your ideas, so why not stand out for your style, too? This true-red sheath features smartly placed cutouts—nothing scandalous, just enough to add a bit of surprise to a simple, saturated piece. Wear it to a meeting where you want to impress the team with some well-structured concepts that might just disrupt the status quo.
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Bright And Inspiring

Your collaborators appreciate your unique perspective and your big-picture thinking. Secretly they also envy your wardrobe. For fall, choose this russet sheath with three-quarter bell sleeves. Classic, conservative, but with a touch of whimsy, it makes a statement without talking over you. Wear it and speak your mind. After all, they’re looking to you for inspiration!
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Creative And Visionary

Don’t stop now... you’re on a roll! Sometimes when the ideas are flowing, all you can do is keep up and take notes. Let your best thinking lead the way as you sport a bold, colourful pattern that’s a bit outside the box. It’s got a lot going on. So do you, and the world can’t wait to hear about it. But for now, it’s brainstorming time. Grab the sticky notes!
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Accomplished And Appreciated

That award? You know you’re winning it. Show up to the event in this striking bright sheath with a statement metal neck detail. Classy and simple, the clean lines bring the focus right up to your face, where you’ll be smiling as you graciously accept all that well-deserved praise. Success looks good on you.
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Chic And Connected

Conferences can be boring, but they do offer great opportunities for connecting with your new contacts after the day sessions are done. Slip on this stunning black sheath for a collegial dinner at that hip new restaurant. The low lighting will make the jeweled neckline sparkle just like your conversational skills. Who knows, an exciting offer could end up on the table!
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