Glamorous YOU!

Nothing can stop the power propelled by your true inner confidence. We know the real strength of a glamorous YOU, dressed in a glamorous piece from 1ere Avenue. From dress to dress these pieces compliment not only your personality, but your inner beauty, confidence and true power!

Jazzy, Jet-Setter, Jewelled YOU!

This LBD may look like a simple classic from the front but will wow the crowd with a turn of the back. The crystal statement piece can easily be removed, taking it from a perfectly strong and subtle number to a show-stopping power dress.
Showcase your back with one of our favourites!

Floral, Fearless, Fashionable YOU!

No detail of this dress will go unnoticed, and with an eye-catching gold fastener at the neck, you are sure to shine. This bold, patterned statement piece is exactly what you need to add to your wardrobe – after all, flowers are always in season.
In a garden fully flourishing, you will always be the sun, darling!

Glamorous, Gorgeous, Go-Getter YOU!

Featuring a bold gold zipper finish that’s as strong as your presence with a sheer, flowy overlay that highlights your free spirit, this dress reflects and compliments your bold, uninhibited soul.
Move with confidence, and let this dress do the rest of the talking!

Bold, Beautiful, Blissful YOU!

Some things aren’t black and white, but others embody that combination brilliantly. We worked up both sides of this frock in black and white, uniting them with a fabulous floral front! The subtle cut-out, elegant detailing, and asymmetrical two-toned design are what will make this dress your next go-to!
A little spice and everything nice – because that’s exactly who you are.

Daring, Dazzling, Desirable YOU!

The delicate, flowing sheer sleeves may add a special touch, but it is the jewel detailing at the waist that reveals the daring YOU! Our little black dress gets a fabulous upgrade!
Go on, dazzle the world with this gorgeous dress and let your confidence do the rest!

Luxurious, Lacy, Lovely YOU!

Lace has been exuding luxury for over 500 years! Your inner beauty is just as timeless, so bring out the lavish you with this beautiful dress! The fringe cascading from waist down adds the perfect flare to show you’re just as fun as you are classy!
Shake that fringe – you own the night!

Powerful, Prominent, Perfect YOU!

This dress lets the world know just how powerfully confident you are. With flirty peekaboo holes, we’re all in to show off the perfect you! In a prominent, femme fatale design that compliments your personality, we believe you either boldly go or not at all!
We don’t settle for ordinary, and neither should you.