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It’s vacation time again

And presto! It’s time for a little winter vacation! Get to the airport in your multi-weather outfit, ready for your sun destination. Choose these patterned pants with a casual jacket for those warm evenings coming up.

Brunch on the terrace

Enjoy brunch on a terrace in the warm weather of the southern sun while watching the blue hues of the ocean. Make a classic statement by dressing in black capri pants with a tunic-style camisole à la Audrey Hepburn. Don’t forget to have something on-hand for some of those cool and windy evenings.

Out on a city tour

Choose a bright red basque top and floral pants, combining comfort and style when walking through towns and uncovering exciting new adventures.

Happy hour at the hotel bar

Join in the fun during happy hour at the hotel bar. Extenuate your feminine side with an impeccably tailored dress. Wear timeless colors such as white, red or navy blue.

Fancy Dinner

Step-up your vacation game for a memorable gourmet feast. Opt for a festive and sophisticated dress for this special occasion. You can never go wrong with a classic black and white dress with a touch of silver lining. For a more daring look, dress in a flowery pattern and a cowl neck.