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6 Steps To Taking Better Pictures & Winning Your Free Joseph Ribkoff Dress!

Step 1

Find Your Light!

Always face the light.

If you're outside and there's natural sunlight, you'll notice that having the sun on one side will cast unwanted shadows. We know that squinting as you face the sun may be tempting, but focus on the camera and don't look directly into the light for stunning results.

Step 2

Posture Is Everything!

Straighten your back and push out your chin.

This creates the impression of being taller and creates a more prominent jawline. Stand on your toes to elongate your legs—you'll look much better than just standing flat. Even if you're not wearing heels, slightly lifting your heels is perfect.

Step 3

Make It A Good Hair Day!

Make sure your hair isn't just sitting on your shoulders—it will overpower your face.

If you have to show off your hair, we suggest pushing one side over the front of one shoulder, and the other side over the back of the opposite shoulder.
Ideally, you'd push all of your hair back behind your shoulders, because it accentuates the face and looks much cleaner and sleeker!

Step 4

Do Those Arm Lifts!

Slightly lifting your arms away from the body will slim you out.

This is a great way to give the illusion of slimmer arms and a thinner appearance in seconds! An easy tip is to point your elbows away from your body.

Step 5

Don't Get Busted!

Bring up your chest and slightly turn one shoulder toward the camera.

Don't turn completely sideways—a light, 20 degrees turn in either direction is good. This also delivers a more slimming look over facing the camera head on!

Step 6

Be Camera Ready!

Shooting a little lower than eye level helps give longer lines!

Have your photographer (in our case it's usually a husband, wife, or really patient friend) put the camera a little lower than your eyes and angle it looking up. This creates a taller silhouette by simply changing your angle!

These easy pointers are simple to remember and will come in handy for your next big moment!

How To Win A Free Dress!

Show us how you used your new skills wearing your favorite Joseph Ribkoff look for a chance to win any dress you want FOR FREE!

Post your photos on your Facebook page and tag us!!
Contest ends, November 23rd 2019, at midnight Eastern Time (EST/EDT).

The winner will be selected on Monday November 25th 2019 and contacted via Facebook!

*if your photo is not public we will not be able to see it, even if you tag us.
Please be sure to tag @Boutique1ereAvenue

Good Luck Ladies!