How to Style an Oversized Cardigan


How to Style an Oversized Cardigan How to Style an Oversized Cardigan

Oversized cardigans, often overlooked, are a hidden gem in the world of fashion. Their versatility makes them a must-have piece for women seeking comfort without compromising style. In this style guide, we’ll explore how to style an oversized cardigan for various occasions, as well as provide tips and outfit ideas that will help you elevate your fashion game.

Oversized Cardigan Styling Tips

Given their versatility, you can always find a way to wear an oversized cardigan and look good doing it. Here are some ideas based on different dress codes.


When comfort meets style, the result is a chic yet relaxed casual look. Pair your oversized cardigan with skinny jeans for a laid-back vibe. Opt for light wash or classic blue denim to create a versatile foundation for your outfit. To add a pop of style, choose classic stripes tees or camis with a contrasting colour to your cardigan. The juxtaposition of the loose cardigan and fitted jeans creates a balanced silhouette. Roll up your jeans slightly to the right length so they rest just above your ankle to highlight your choice of footwear. Complete the look with comfy sneakers for an effortless, all-day outfit.


Elevating your casual look is a breeze with a few simple adjustments. Incorporate ripped jeans with your oversized cardigan for a trendy effect. Choose jeans with artful distressing to keep the outfit looking polished. For a flattering silhouette, opt for an oversized cardigan with a tapered waist. This tailored detail won’t add bulk and prevents the look from becoming too relaxed. Accessorize with a statement necklace or scarf to add a touch of elegance to the ensemble. Consider ankle boots or flats, keeping the overall look neat yet comfortable. These subtle changes can easily take you from running errands to a casual lunch date.


Surprisingly, oversized cardigans can make a seamless transition to formal settings. Drape one over a shorter dress to create a striking contrast in lengths. For a cohesive look, choose a dress in a complementary colour or pattern to your cardigan. To elevate the formality, wear some knee-high boots with a sleek design. The longer cardigan not only provides warmth but also maintains formality. Add minimalistic jewelry like stud earrings and a delicate bracelet, and carry a clutch bag to complete the polished look.

Date Night

Oversized cardigans are incredibly versatile for date night outfits. Experiment by pairing one with a form fitting dress and statement jewelry to make heads turn. A bodycon or wrap dress in a solid color creates an elegant canvas for your cardigan. Opt for knee-high boots with a hint of sophistication to elevate the look. Play with colours and textures to create a romantic and captivating vibe that’s perfect for your special evening. Also, don’t shy away from bold accessories like a chunky necklace or dangly earrings!


Yes, oversized cardigans can be part of your work attire! Pair them with tailored pants or skirts for a stylish professional look. Layer it over a nice to white or light blue button-up to maintain a polished appearance. Closed-toe shoes, such as pumps or loafers, are great complements to this professional aesthetic. Carry a structured bag to complete the ensemble. This versatile outfit can seamlessly take you from office meetings to post-work gatherings without compromising on style.