Avenue Rewards
Avenue Rewards

How it works

Our no-fee membership program allows you to collect rewards on qualifying items! Use your rewards to order what you love for FREE! (See our guide below for details.)
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Want to know how many rewards you've accumulated? Select the "Avenue Rewards" tab located on your account page.
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How to spend your Avenue Rewards

Avenue rewards spending guide

The following guide displays how many Avenue Rewards one would need to redeem to receive a FREE item in the matching category.
  Regular Price Item Sale Price Item  
Skirts 800 600 Avenue Rewards
Pants 800 600 Avenue Rewards
Jackets & Blazers 1000 800 Avenue Rewards
Dresses & Jumpsuits 1000 800 Avenue Rewards
Tops 900 700 Avenue Rewards
Sweaters & Cardigans 900 700 Avenue Rewards
Outerwear 1100 900 Avenue Rewards
We pay you to shop! It's truly every woman's dream!

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