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April Showers & May Flowers & Everything in Between!

This month, The Avenue is bringing you a power message to bring out your inner beauty!

They say (and who “they” are we shall never know, but they are ever so wise) that “the grass is greener where you water it!” And April has the potential to be so well-watered that May comes in greener and fuller bloom! That’s why “April showers bring May flowers!”

We’re combining these two popular sayings to offer one powerful message. Here you have it: Three questions to ask yourself for a much greener, and more fruitful, May.




What are you watering? What are you reinforcing? From the seed, the plant grows, so let’s get ahead of the rain and ask ourselves: What in the world have we planted?

To be clear, the seeds are our core ideas, the garden is our mind, and the water is the words/thoughts we feed it. What have you planted in your mind? What do you want to plant in your mind? Every problem, or victory stems from the root! So, before you plant something terrible, water it, and let its roots settle into your core, decide what you’re planting. It’s never too late to switch your seeds.

Make a list of what you’d like to build on. Things like confidence, self-love, gratefulness, peace, joy, patience... whatever your personal goal is, write it down. Make it your seed! Carry your seed everywhere you go because this is your intention for the month of April!

Now that you know what you’re planting, you can go ahead and feel confident to water it.




Filter, filter, filter! Don’t you go watering your beautiful seeds with dirty water now! Don’t give them anything less than pure water, because the tiniest bit of cloudiness can change the way they grow.

Write down 10 words that reinforce your seeds. So, say for example that “joy” was your intention for the month. What would reinforce your joy? Counting your blessings, if you have family, calling them and telling them you appreciate them, if you are healthy then going ahead and jumping for “joy.” Remind yourself of all the reasons you should have a little more joy in your heart!

Be very careful about the lies you tell yourself—the tiny bugs trying to dig up your seed. Those don’t usually come from the outside, but start inside your mind. Don’t go looking for that one person who doesn’t believe in you, but rather bank on the one who does. We can choose to refuse or accept the things that are said to us. So, if there are outside sources who aren’t helping cultivate your fragile seed, you can choose not to accept them. You don’t have to shut them down, push them out or get rid of them, but instead pick what you let in.

Choose your words wisely, the ones you want to believe and let in. It’s as simple as ignoring and tuning out the negativity!



In order to grow a healthy garden, there needs to be enough room for the roots to grow big and strong. Making space for healthy living is one of the hardest things to do!

And we can’t dump out the bad thoughts, habits, and ideologies without replacing them with something. It’s a struggle because the old seeds will try to fight off the new seeds.

This may feel like a constant battle of the mind. Pruning your garden is so vital to cultivating what you actually want to grow. If you don’t regularly tend to your garden, you’ll find that many little weeds begin to grow. Remember, these weeds are not other people’s words but your very own thoughts and words.

Are we making it a priority to encourage ourselves? What are thinking about when we should be feeding our beautiful intentions? Write everything down! It’s the best way to know what you’re really telling yourself.

Sometimes we fill our minds with such terrible worry and insecurity that when we try to be positive, there is almost no room for it.

Perspective is essential to feel and look great!

Life around you will happen outside of your control, but your perspective will determine your attitude and your attitude will determine what seed you’re ultimately planting! Everyone knows that inner beauty always shines through, so water your inner garden, take the weeds out when necessary, and feed your seeds nothing but the best there is!

Rest assured, if you are focused and take five minutes every morning to choose which seed you’re planting, remember what you’re watering it with, and make space for the right things to take root, you’re going to find yourself in a beautiful place, with greener grass and the promise of May flowers!