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Joseph Ribkoff's Feel Great 8 on the Avenue!

Dress with no stress this holiday season in beautiful Joseph Ribkoff!
Whether you’re the host or the guest of honour, we’ve got you ready and dressed for every and any occasion!
The holiday season can be so stressful: preparing, planning, organizing, and oftentimes simply trying to keep the peace for the greater good of the family! We tend to sacrifice and overextend ourselves just to make it through this time of the year. With all the added pressure, why should getting dressed up be another task on the list? We’ve curated 8 beautiful outfits!

We’re here to show you how to feel comfortable and still look fabulous in Joseph Ribkoff! The Feel Great 8 have arrived!
Lined in jewels and glammed to perfection!
Lined in jewels and glammed to perfection!
This is the ultimate Joseph Ribkoff piece.
The sheer overlay is great for covering up the arms while giving a loose, flowy feel to the whole look. The jeweled hem offers just a bit of extra shine to keep the dress both comfortable and chic! With fit and flare in all the right places, this one is a winning choice.

The loose and fabulous!

We’re all about this Joseph Ribkoff style.
We love having the best of both worlds, and this outfit is truly the epitome of both comfort and charm! This dress comes in three different colours for whatever your mood or destination! Feel free to move in this little number. The short sleeves are perfect for when things get heated with the family, or simply in the kitchen!
Dress Style 201147
Sophisticated and fun!
Sophisticated and fun!
This Joseph Ribkoff couture lookalike ensemble is perfect for making a classic statement!
In this outfit, you’re the perfect picture of chic and timeless, and just like Chanel, your value keeps going up! Say it all with this look and own the holidays in both fashion and comfort! The stretch in the skirt makes it easy to wear all day and through the night. The blouse is such a great transition piece, you’ll re-wear and re-pair this stunner with lots of other bottoms in your closet!

Pearled and perfected in subtle soft hues!

This top comes in a variety of colours, making it fun to work into many different looks.
We love it because it’s both delicate and a statement piece. There’s also no need to accessorize, you’re already bejeweled and ready to go! The signature micro-twill Joseph Ribkoff pant always makes a perfect fit when paired with any Joseph Ribkoff top! These pants are great for any season, and we guarantee you’ll be bringing them out well into the New Year.
Blouse style 201375
Winter white and we’re all alright!
Winter white and we’re all alright!
We love a good crisp white look!
And let’s be honest, there’s nothing fresher than a beautiful white blouse! You can always opt to pair it with a dark pant, but we’ve chosen to go with winter white for this look. Joseph Ribkoff never fails when it comes to combining fit and fashion. These two elements are exactly what every collection brings, without exception! These pants are an absolute closet essential and we can pretty much guarantee you’ll want them in black, green, and vanilla! Trust us when we say you’ll want these as your go-to pair!

The need for tweed!

Every recent Joseph Ribkoff collection has brought us closer to couture tweed, and we’re loving it!
This jacket is no exception. You can pair this striking blazer with either pants or a skirt, but that’s entirely up to you darling! However, if you do opt for a skirt we suggest this beautiful front button-detailed beauty!
Blazer style 193445
We’re just mad about plaid!
We’re just mad about plaid!
Joseph Ribkoff, you’ve done it again! We’re craving plaid and this blazer is so perfectly lined!
The whole look is edgy, especially given the pleather leggings for the more daring fashionista. If you’re one to be both bold and practical, this look is for you! If you want your friends and family to know you’ve arrived, you feel great, and to step out of your way, there’s no better way to send the message than with this look!

The one-piece wonder!

We are totally in love with Joseph Ribkoff jumpsuits and for good reason!
The metallic detailing on this jumper adds just the right amount of shine to your night! We love this sleeveless number and it’s one of the Avenue favourites. Perfect for the holidays with dark hues, a wide leg and glitter overlays, we know this will sell out quick!
Jumpsuit style 194770