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What’s Your Styling Mantra? Here’s Mine: Be Original; Be Versatile, Be Timeless

What’s Your Styling Mantra? Here’s Mine: Be Original; Be Versatile, Be Timeless

Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva

Hi there! I’m thrilled to be here on 1ere Avenue to share my favourite Joseph Ribkoff finds and talk about what I love most: Fashion Styling. As a Personal Stylist and Fashion Teacher, I encourage women to live stylishly, one fashionable look at a time.

Can You Adapt to the Come-and-go of Seasons?
Your Styling Should...With the Right Clothing
If you’re like me, you’re probably thinking about how to make conscious choices when it comes to selecting your wardrobe. Pieces must be transitional, made to last and ultimately never become dated. I continue to find all this within the Joseph Ribkoff line. I love the timeless beauty, elegance and versatility of the garments- and especially that they’re here for the long run.
Lucy Bertoldi: Leopard is the New Black

Seriously speaking, animal print has now become the fashionable neutral.

Mix it with any bright accessory and you’ll see it transform your look immediately. This Joseph Ribkoff dress can roar confidence as easily as it can purr sexiness. Keep it serious or fun - all is possible with this kitty. I felt flirty, confident and beautiful trying this dress on! What’s best? I can change it up with layering, booties, heels - or whatever suits my fancy - serious mood booster like no other. Exactly what this summer loving girl needs to transition into fall!

Wear it to:
Date night; Power meeting; Girls’ Night out
Show Stopper; Attention Grabber; Confidence Booster; Promotion landed; Success story

Lucy Bertoldi: Legs For Days...

Ok, who doesn’t want longer looking legs, or at least the illusion?

I tried on this exquisite purple jumpsuit and immediately fell in love with the fit and the sway. Ever-so chic, there’s no way you’ll go unnoticed in this beauty. Not only is this Joseph Ribkoff jumpsuit incredibly comfy it’s also effortless to look this good- oh and then there’s the whole wonderful legs aspect. Instant height! Which also transposes into an altogether leaner look. I also love the metallic zipper that can turn a casual look into a more sophisticated one just by zipping a little more up – or down 😜. I’m thinking this could be super cute with a light turtleneck as well. We’re talking more possibilities here- and I’m all for that!

Wear it to:
Brunch; Openings and Week-night Events; Showers; Lunch; Stylish traveling...
Slimming Maven; Going Places; Fun to be with; Chic and sassy; Passe-partout.

Lucy Bertoldi: Give Me All the Prints and Patterns!

I tried on these super cool high-waisted, print flair pants- what a dream!

I felt so stylish and youthful in these, colour-block print-babes. I love an edgy look! But what I love most is the way these pants shape you without revealing the parts you don’t necessarily want to emphasize, know what I mean? They let me showcase my best me. Sooo flattering! I wore them with a gorgeous loose- fitting top, but I could very well style these with a snug sweater or blouse as well. And I wouldn’t limit myself to sporting these with heels or booties only, why not mules or even sandals for a special evening? Or platform runners for an everyday look- I could totally see that. Fashion avant-garde with endless possibilities! And, when it comes to prints: the bolder the better! Looking at these Joseph Ribkoff beauties, don’t you agree?

Wear it to:
Coffee with the girls; Afternoon outing (museum...); The movies; Picking up the kids from school; Meet the teacher...But not only casual! I’d dress these up for going out to dinner too!
Conversation piece; Style savvy; Artsy fun; Mover/Shaker; Social magnet; Creative; Edgy

For more style talk, you can also find Lucy blogging away at Confessions of a Montreal Styling Diva: Or, if it’s daily looks and DIY ideas you’re looking for, please follow on Instagram @lucybertoldi for some fun stories and creative inspo.